Latvian Lactation Consultant Association was founded March 28, 2011.

The target of the Association is to improve public health in Latvia increasing the number of breastfed children.

To achieve this target the Association shall:
1. raise awareness of families, society, professionals and industry policy-makers about the role of breastfeeding support and protection;
2. cooperate with state and municipal health care entities, non-governmental organizations, family health and breastfeeding professionals;
3. cooperate with other similar organizations in Latvia and abroad in order to exchange experience, raise qualification of specialists, to promote, support and protect breastfeeding, join the work of international professional organizations;
4. provide information and recommendations to legislative and executive bodies of Republic of Latvia as well as to non-governmental organizations;
5. promote cooperation of different fields professionals to achieve common targets and perform common tasks;
6. prepare, translate, publish informative and educational materials, create and support internet sources;
7. participate in development and fulfillment of various public health programs;
8. promote, organize and lead researches in the fields of breastfeeding promotion, support and protection, as well as in quality of milk substitutes, their trade and advertising;
9. educate breastfeeding consultants and provide informational support to them;
10. consult and support parents in the field of breastfeeding, child care and parenting, educate young and future mothers;
11. provide psychological group support to young and future mothers, cooperate with other mothers’ support groups and similar organizations;
12. care for professional education of its members, organize and carry out projects of additional education, conferences, seminars and other educational activities;
13. organize legislative protection of its members as well as realize responsibility for lack of professional competency.


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